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November 13, 2020 - Inclement Weather and Flexible Instruction Days

Dear CASD Families,

As the winter months get closer, the District is preparing for the possibility of building closures in the event of inclement weather. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has the District currently operating in-person instruction on a hybrid schedule, Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs) can be used in place of what is commonly known as a “snow day.”  The advantage of doing for now and in the future will reduce the need for snow make-up days. We have lost instructional days over the past year and using FIDs will predictably assist in the district providing continuity of our educational programs.

The District applied for and received approval for five FIDs, which, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), “can support the public school entities in cases when circumstances prevent the delivery of instruction in its customary manner.” Based on this approval, when an announcement is made that school buildings will be closed and the District will be utilizing one of its FIDs, all instruction and support will occur virtually.

Under our current hybrid schedule, a FID could be used on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, as all students are currently virtual on Wednesday. Thus, there would be no need to use a FID on Wednesday. Rather, teachers and instructional staff will continue to operate as “normal” on such a Wednesday under our current hybrid schedule.

A FID day will be communicated to parents/guardians in the same manner as a traditional “snow day”, which will include calls & e-mails using the District mass messaging system and updates on the CASD website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. It is highly encouraged that parents/guardians ensure your contact information is correct in your Community Web Portal account. If you need to update your information, please contact your child’s school office.


Dr. Dion Betts
Superintendent of Schools
Chambersburg Area School District