Caldecott Challenge


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Caldecott Medal and Honor books.

Dec 16th to Feb 6th

All third-grade students will get Caldecott Challenge Packet during their library class. Each 3rd-grade class is being asked to read 100 books (which equals out to be about 4 books per student). They will have 8 weeks to find and read as many Caldecott books as they can in our school library, public library, or bookstore.

Students will learn why and how books win the Caldecott Award and they will be given a list of Caldecott Award Winners. They will have time in class to look up some of the titles and find them in the library. 

Students are being asked to read at least one Caldecott book, write up one book review sheet, which they will turn into the library. This book review can also be post it on the library’s Caldecott Book Review Blog for extra credit. This Blog can be found at the Scotland Library’s Webpage under Book Review Blog.

Book Review Outlines will be given out in the Caldecott Challenge Packet in library class and extras will be in the library as needed. Book Reviews will have to be posted by Feb 6th for credit. Any online book reviews will count as extra credit.

Classes which meet the 100 book goal will receive a Party during Library Class. (Students in the winning class must have read/reviewed at least one book to be allowed to join in Party.)


The top readers across all third grades will win copies of Caldecott Books some of which may be autographed.